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Welcome to ALPHA DREAM,

We are ALPHA DREAM, Advanced Pheromone Technology products for men and women. We have the most powerful and advanced pheromone formulas available, at the highest concentrations per formula. Apply any one of our scientifically proven pheromone formulas and find yourself attracting more people, more situations, more connections, and more fun! Attract more.

We manufacture, a diverse line of rugged sexy colognes for men, sensually irresistible perfumes for women, or choose an unscented version of any or our spray-on products, containing real, high-quality gender specific Human Pheromones for men and women. BE ALPHA…


Significantly Increase Your Sexual Attractiveness With Science

What do you get when you mix Science with Sexual Attraction? You get Sexual Chemistry with Alpha Dream Pheromone Colognes and Perfumes.

Wearing Alpha Dream Pheromones can SIGNIFICANTLY get you:

  • More attention
  • More Flirting
  • More eye contact
  • More conversation
  • More touching
  • More kissing, and more!

This is according to important university research derived from double-blind studies, meaning subjects nor the experimenters know who is being exposed to pheromones. The procedure is utilized to prevent bias in research results.

Alpha Dream~Advanced Pheromone Technology products for men and women are designed to elicit a subconscious chemosensory response in yourself and others, creating feelings of trust, relaxation, confidence, reduced inhibition, and sensuality.

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are natural chemicals found on the skin of humans, animals, and insects, and is well documented through university studies to effect human behaviors especially social and sexual interactions.

Its has been found that applying a broad spectrum of supplemental high quality pheromones, and in such high concentrations like those uniquely found in all ALPHA DREAM formulas, one can significantly and noticeably increase once chance of being approached, touched, kissed, and you get the idea.

How Do Pheromones Work?

As with all animals, human pheromones work entirely by their odor, which is only detected on a subconscious level, so the behavioral effects of pheromones are attributed to the sixth sense level of attraction.

This means that regardless if one as good looks, dynamic personality , or socioeconomic status, supplemental pheromones like those in ALPHA DREAM formulas can work to give one an edge by making one more attractive to women on a deeper more primal level and in such a case…primal is good.

Why Use Pheromones?

Bathing and deodorants strip away the natural pheromones responsible for deeper gut level attraction.

By applying synthetic pheromones one is able to replace and supplement ones natural pheromone signature to levels more closely matching what nature intended…all without sacrificing clean skin. This gives one the clear advantage n that most of us wash away our natural pheromones at the cost of what may amount to unexpected levels of attention.

What Do Pheromones Smell Like?

ALPHA DREAM Unscented formulas vary in scent. Stronger formulas may have a musky scents the dissipates quickly, and some formulas have little to no smell initially.

But remember pheromones do not operate on conscious scent but on the unconscious. Please see FAQ section for more information on how pheromones work.

However we are proud to offer scented versions of our products made with natural and essential oils. Please see product descriptions for more details.

Try Our Products Risk Free!

We are so confident you will thoroughly enjoy your formula that if you are not satisfied, simply return it for a full refund. See our return policy for details.

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“I was excited, she was excited, it was very fun!” ~S

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“He kept telling me I smelled good, but it was something more”~S