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Alpha Dream® Wholesale Program

Thank you for your interest in Alpha Dream® Products Wholesale Program! Please complete the following application. Your information will be reviewed and responded to as soon as possible. You may need to upload a Business Permit, and or Resale License once we contact you. If you have any problems or questions regarding this form or qualification, please email

Alpha Dream is a full scale, wholesale manufacturer of bulk formula and pheromone chemicals which may be used by businesses to create your own, private label product. We offer formulas for men, women, and unisex for a cost of between $100-$600 per liter (which equates to between $3 to $18 per oz) depending on how many liters you purchase, from between 55 gallons ($3 per oz) to as low as 1 liter ($18 per oz)

We also sell all major pheromone chemicals which are 99% pure for $400 per gram, which equates to a cost for you of about $2 per oz considering you use 2mg androstenedione, 2 mg alpha -androstenol, 1 mg androstenone per oz, which is a common formula for men’s products.

We also offer flagship Alpha Dream Technology branded products for between $14 to $15 per bottle for you to resell.

Please use the form below to contact us and let us know what you wish to purchase.