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Affiliate Program

Why is Alpha Dream worthy of your attention?

  • We offer the greatest diversity of specialized products for all genders, ages, and sexual orientations, expanding the target market for all customer groups.
  • Our products contain up to 500% of the pheromone content of competing products on the market bearing similar prices. This delivers a much better bang-for-your-buck versus competing products.
  • Our products contain exclusive pheromone technologies which enhance performance, which cannot be found in competing products.
  • Our products are provided in exotic designer bottles from Italy.
  • Our customer satisfaction rate is in excess of 98%
  • We feature a sophisticated web store with a conversion ratio of approximately 4%.
  • The average ticket price per sale is $100, meaning you will earn (on average) $30 per sale for each conversion you generate. The ticket price also varies dramatically, with some customers purchasing large quanties ($400-$1000). Thus, the potential reward for you is substantial if you can bring in targeted traffic.
  • You will always be paid on time. We use the auto-deposit system. When the balance runs low in our affiliate program, a deposit from our account is automatically made to keep our affiliate program running. Money is always available and you will always be paid on time.
  • When your visitors return to our site within 120 days you will receive commissions for all sales generated.
  • When you refer affiliates you will earn 15% commission for life. Recruit affiliates and earn $5 per affiliate signup plus 15% commissions on their sales for life!
  • We treat you as a true business partner. We understand the high value you bring to us, offer a 30% sale commission on all purchases which you generate.

We have created a line of extraordinary human pheromone products, and have built a great foundation for success. Become an affiliate today, and take advantage of our attractive product line and the success it will bring you, when combined with your creative marketing and expertise in sales!

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The pheromone market is an exciting, rapidly-growing niche market with high profit potential. Alpha Dream is a new retail store with great potential, leading the forefront into human pheromones by delivering the most advanced pheromone technologies available, with a sleek, sexy presentation. Alpha Dream is the retail arm of a well established wholesaler and manufacturer of human pheromone products, which has been manufacturing and supplying most of the pheromone products sold on the open market for a number of years.