human pheromones

Welcome to Alpha Dream,

We are the creators of the exclusive, Advanced Pheromone Technology products for men and women. We have the most powerful and advanced pheromone formulas available on the market today, at the highest concentrations per formula. Apply anyone of our scientifically proven pheromone formulas and find yourself attracting more people, more situations, more connections, and more fun! Attract more.

Alpha Dream~Advanced Pheromone Technology products for men and women, are designed to elicit a subconscious chemosensory response in yourself and others, creating feelings of trust, relaxation, confidence, reduced inhibition, and sensuality.

We manufacture, a diverse line of rugged sexy colognes for men, sensually irresistible perfumes for women, or choose an unscented version of any or our spray on products, containing real, high quality gender specific Human Pheromones for men and women. BE ALPHA...